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Non-Destructive technology

ESS provides MIRA and AURIS.

MIRA (Ultrasonic Tomograph)Technology

 ●Non Destructive Inspection for Inner Structure of Concrete

 ●Could Detection Reinforcement , Cave , Rock Pocket and Combined Duct

 ●Strong Penetrating Power , Could Inspect 1.5m Thickness of Concrete

AURIS(High Frequency Stress Wave Method)Technology

 ●Inspecting Sounding of Pile, Ground Anchor, Concrete Structure Non Destruction

 ●Light and Compact, Optimum to Inspection Crack or Sounding of Rock Slope, Dam Unit

 ●Inspection Depth of Rolling Stone or Pumice stone at Slope to Quantitative Evaluation


MIRA (Ultrasonic Tomography)

MIRA (Ultrasonic Tomography) is a now destructive method of inspecting the inner structure of concrete, reinforcement, caves, rock pocket, etc.

On the rear of the MIRA body, there are 48 allay type sensors (8×12matrix).


First is ultrasonic wave sat from CH1 is received at CH2-12.

Second, the ultrasonic wave is sent from CH2 and received at CH3-13.

Switching ultra-shear waves and receiving reflection waves at high speed.


MIRA receives 66 combinations (11+10+…+2+1) 1056route( 66×4×4) of signals and analyzes them, it can be used at 1.5m depth of structure because of using the ultra-shear wave that has strong penetrating power. 

Example①:Inspection of Thickness of Reinforcement Concrete and

                                                    Reinforcement Rod and Polyvinyl Pipe

Example②:Inspection of Reinforcement Rod Arrangement and 

                                                        Thickness of Tunnel Concrete


AURIS(High Frequency Stress Wave Method)

AURIS (High Frequency Stress Wave Method) isexploration to inspect extremity of structure or

crack of. Hit the target structure put the sensor (oscillation receiver element) to make a stress wave.


Measure the waveform and wave propagation time,select and receive specific frequency band

the most primacy reflect.






Using high directivity and high attenuation statistic at surface of structure, could detection reflection wave from extremity of structure and crack high probability.

(「AURIS」NETIS Registered KT-990158-A )

Example:Inspection of Crack of Concrete Pile

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