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Company Name         Earth System Science Co.,Ltd.


President                    Masakatsu ITAGOSHI

Establishment             May 1991

Offices                         【Head office】
                                    7F shinjukumarune Bldg.

                                    1-23-1, Shinjuku-Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

                                    160-0022 Japan
                                    TEL +81-3-3357-1761

                                    FAX +81-3-3357-1762 

                                    【Overseas branch offices】
                                      Sudan office
                                      Bolivia office

Company Profile

Business Contents

[Consulting Services]
・Climbing investigation
・Geophysical exploration
  (seismic prospecting, resistivity image profiling, etc.)
・Geological civil engineering
  (dam, airport, harbor, tunnel, road, etc.)
・Sabo and disaster prevention investigation
  (debris flow, flood, landslide, earthquake, etc.)
・Hydrogeological investigation
  (groundwater, surface water, lake, etc.)
・Aerial photo interpretation and topographical analysis
・Business support

[Soil and Groundwater Remediation]
・Contamination investigation and assessment
・Remediation work plan
・Groundwater numerical analysis (2D, 3D)
・Innovative remediation technology

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