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Aerial photographic survey by UAV

UAV aerial photo survey is taking aerial photos on target structures / terrains and making 3D models, Ortho(projected)-photos, Digital terrain models, Contours, Slope maps, Stereo-pair photo, Anaglyph, Cross-section and so on.The UAV survey's advantage is Low-cost, Short time to take a survey and Easy data management.


This is one of the example of UAV which we use for surveying.


                                                Model name :Zion PG560 T2

                    Propeller    :15inch x 4

                    Frame weight :970g

                    Flying weight (except batteries):2kg

                    Payload (including batteries):1kg-2.8kg


This UAV characteristic is... ・2 Pilot Mode ( Manual / Auto)

                                            ・Variable Camera / Sensor(Fixed)

                                            ・Lithium- Polymer Battery × 2 (15 minutes flight in total 8,000 mAh)

                                                  →500m x 500m area is suitable for 1 flight

Example①:Technical Cooperation for Landslide Mitigation Project

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