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Business support

ESS has been assisting Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop their business in the overseas market through JICA’s scheme of “Support for Japanese SMEs Overseas Business Development” such as Feasibility Survey or Verification Survey. The products and the technologies in which ESS was concerned until now are Braille printer (in Sudan), ground anchor for disaster prevention of road slope (in Vietnam), borehole camera for well diagnosis (in Bolivia), landslide remote monitoring system (in Sri Lanka), indoor shrimp production system (in Laos) and so on.

ESS will contribute even more effort to assist Japanese SMEs in their overseas business development utilizing a good stock of experience and contacts accumulated through our activities in developing countries.



The following photos roughly show how the feasibility survey on the well diagnosis technologies using a borehole camera was conducted in Bolivia.






The technologies were demonstrated at the existing wells and the advantage of using the camera was explained at the seminars held in major cities. The camera is a product of Sapporo-based company “Raax Co., Ltd.”. ESS assisted Raax mainly in arranging the meetings with Bolivian stakeholders and planning the contents and schedule of the survey.

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